Marc Paré Rico triumphs at the 2018 Tiree Wave Classic

After hard battles all week, the wave warriors of Tiree gathered on the beach to feast in respect of the ocean gods who would settle for another year.

The Tiree Wave Classic wouldn't be a quintessential Scottish wave sailing event without stormy conditions.

Maze Beach delivered the goods, and athletes embraced the spirit of the Scottish Highlands to overcome the challenging weather conditions.

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Israel's only Olympic gold winner won't sell his medal after all

Israel's only Olympic gold winner wanted to sell his medal on eBay. But now, he has changed his mind.

Gal Fridman is 43 years old. Fourteen years ago, competing in the Mistral Windsurfing class, he won the gold medal at the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics.

The sailor from Pardes Hanna-Karkur immediately became a national hero in Israel and, until today, he is the only athlete ever to win a gold medal for his country in the Olympic Games.

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Brian Røgild aims for 50 knots before turning 50

Human beings can't live without goals, objectives, and future plans. We just need to do more and much better.

Brian Røgild is a Danish windsurfer with lots of experience in the competitive scene. He is a multiple-time Nordic champion, a slalom king in his country, and a former PWA World Tour campaigner.

Røgild is also one of the fastest sailors in Denmark. He hails from Veddelev, a spot near Roskilde, and his fastest ever speed is 47.26 knots.

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