Nicolas Schreier: from Peru with love

With 15 races, the championship has come to a close. After a tough battle with Leonardo Rebello (BRA 121), Nicolas Schreier (PER 2) is the clear winner and takes the title of Formula Experience World Champion. Fernando Bocciarelli (BRA 174) is third.

Mathias Pinheiro (BRA 5) won 10 out of the 15 races earning him the Formula Windsurfing Masters World Champion title. He was pushed hard by Xavier Ferlet (GBR 451) - he won the races that Mathias didn't but had to settle for silver. Massimo Masserini (ITA 7) took bronze.

In the FW Youth Fleet, Gabriel Browne seemed unbeatable as he took bullets in 12 of the 15 races, meaning he ended with a perfect score and the Formula Windsurfing Youth World Champion title.

Jacek Piasecki (POL 013) won three races and was second in every other so takes a well earned silver whilst fellow countryman Maciek Rutkowski (POL 23) took bronze.

'La Route du Ch'ti': they speak strange French

"La Route du Ch'ti" (The road of Ch'ti) is becoming a serious event in France. For the 4th edition, Léo Lagrange Windsurfing Club in the north of France in association with Neil Pryde / JP Australia / RS:X and RS:One, seduced not less than 181 riders!

40 riders in 2007, 78 in 2008, 138 in 2009, 181 this year! And this event is organized on... a lake! No waves, no big wind, not a super sunny place, but a nice and welcoming country called "The Ch'ti" where the locals speak a strange French. So, many good riders did the "6 Hours of Windsurfing or Paddling" in a Team of 2 to 3 persons.

Faustine Merret (Athens Olympic Games champion in2004) and Damien Le Guen (three times Formula French champion) joined in the fun with the amateurs and kids who were so happy to show their windsurfing level.

Many Funboarders joined too, and rode a race board for the first time. There was a brilliant ambiance all day long, with Neil Pryde / JP Windsurfing equipment for sale second hand, many gifts to win by lucky draw, the new RS:One to test, food and free drinks, and Red Bull as partner. So many smiles all day long.

If you are an RS:X / RS:One racer, Raceboarder, Paddler, Funboarder, Old School equipment enthusiast, a kid, 80 years old, Human Being, or from an another planet... just come and enjoy the next 2011 edition.

We are awaiting more than 250 riders and a lot of guest stars and surprises.

Andrew Anderson: king of Midwest

The 2010 Midwest Speed Quest on Lake Okabena, Worthington Minnesota is over. This was a great year, with many new racers participating. So, ot is time to announce the final results.

We follow the rules and methods of International Speed Sailing. Our GPS units are the most precise hand held units available. Our speeds can be compared to other Speed Sailors around the World. And the Prize Money remains the best in North American Speed Sailing.

The racers competed in this event by wearing a Locosys GT-31 GPS. The speeds were calculated using Doppler positional measurements, and are based on the "Best Ten Second Run". The GPS data was entered into a computer, and the data was carefully analyzed. Speeds were calculated to .01 knots with great precision.

The tools and methods used were consistent with International Speed Sailing Events, and GPS Speed Surfing.

And The Final Results are:

First Place: Andrew Anderson, Oakland CA 35.4 knots (40.71 mph)
Second Place David Knight, Fridley Minnesota 32.8 knots (37.72 mph)
Third Place Arden Anderson, Fon du Lac, Wisconsin 32.73 knots (37.74 mph)
Fourth Place Adam Anderson, Eagen Minnesota 31.2 knots (35.88 mph)
Fifth Place Ed Melechson, Papillion, Nebraska 30.08 knots (34.59 mph)

Congratulations to the winners, Andrew has the fastest speeds ever recorded on Lake Okabena. Andrew will receive $1000. David will receive $500, Arden $250, Adam $125, and Ed $75. Certified Checks will be issued this week.

6th Place Magnus Zaunmueller, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 27.12 knots (31.19 mph)
7th Place Ken Gacke, Brandon, South Dakota 26.88 knots (30.91 mph)
8th Place Jeff Hegwer, Mason City, Iowa 26.75 knots (30.76 mph)
9th Place Jason Swanson, Bigelow, Minnesota 26.45 knots (30.42mph)
10th Place Wayne Anderson Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin 24.68 knots (28.38 mph)

These races will receive their choice of a LOCOSYS GT31 GPS, a Gath Safety Helmet, or a Windtronic 2 Wind Meter!

Youth Category:

1st Place Magnus Zanmueller, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 27.12 knots (18.40 mph)
2nd Place Niels Zaunmueller, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 19.36 knots (22.25 mph)

Magnus is 15 years old, and Niels is 11. Each will receive their choice of a LOCOSYS GT-31 GPS, a Gath Safety Helmet, or a Windtronic 2 Wind Meter!

New for 2010, we created an Alpha Racing Category. This is a competition based on the best average speed through jibe (complete turn) over a 500 meter distance. This Category was designed to reward those racers with superior technical skills. Alpha Racing is somewhat new in the USA, but is very popular in other Countries.

Ed Melechson was the early leader with a speed of 20.65 knots (23.75 mph).

However, on Aug 27-28-29-30. we had record high winds and new Alpha Speed Records were set:

1st Place Andrew Anderson 21.11 knots (24.28 mph) ($500 Cash)
2nd Place Arden Anderson 20.97 knots (24.12 mph) ($250 CASH)
3rd Place Ed Melechson 20.65 knots (23.75 mph) ($125 CASH)
4th Place Adam Anderson 19.83 knots (22.80 mph) ($75 CASH)
5th Place Ken Crosson Okabena MN 16.86 knots (19.38 mph) ($50 CASH)

Each year, we recognize the sailor with the greatest passion for Speed Sailing, and for the Sport of Windsurfing. For 2010, Award goes to Ed Melechson of Papillion, Nebraska. Ed is a great competitor; and a great technical sailor with an interest of being the fastest Alpha Racer.