Irish Slalom Series: come on, it's almost over

The location for the final round of the 2010 Irish Slalom Series has been confirmed for Tracht Beach, Kinvara, Co. Galway.

Official racing will take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October. Monday 25th October will be reserved for freesailing and also a free coaching clinic for everyone from the top three gold fleet competitors.

The beach is located 6 km west from the town of Kinvara. The nightime activities will be based in the town of Kinvara with its many pubs and restraunts.

There is also a youth hostel less than 1 mile from the event site. The hostel is roughly 6km from the town but if enough people book into the hostel a bus can be arranged to take people to the nightime events. Rates from €14 per night.

San Mateo Bridge: night swimming region

Andre Volant, a 70-year-old windsurfer, survived a five hour night swim, in the San Francisco Bay region.

Volant was celebrating the Labor Day with quick windsurf session, when his mast broke four miles north of the Coyote Point. As the sun went down, the brave windsurfer kept swimming past the San Mateo Bridge.

Meanwhile, the Foster City Police Department cruisers reached Volant offshore at 1679 Beach Park Boulevard. Andre Volant had already been seven hours floating in San Francisco Bay, only to be found by the Coast Guard.

Remember to avoid windsurfing alone. Call a friend and share the ride.

Bexhill to Camber Challenge: congrats, boys

The challenge covered the 22 miles by sea by 10 windsurfers and kayakers. The true sailing distance was on Ian Crafts GPS 37 miles between Bexhill and Camber (landing East of Camber at Jury Gap) taking 3 hours and 7 minutes.

So it started out light and it was long slow sail to Hastings. After Hastings the windsurfers were well and truely whipped by the sea in front of Fairlight cliffs in solid Force 5 cross offshore conditions. Where as the Kayakers had the cliffs to shelter them making it a flat water paddle to the other side.

The last section sailing from the cliffs out to sea towards Camber was amazing! Flying in the middle of nowhere 2 miles out! All team got spilt up and the last leg was done by almost everyone alone and in an increasingly big sea.

The Kayakers had some heavy shorebreaks to contend with, some ditching their gear and doing a bit of swimming in the shorebreak. With the pushing tide and wind behind them the Kayakers were to the amazement of the windsurfers ahead for most of the way!

At Camber everyone was glad to be back onshore and safe! Food was supplied my pigs-do-fly (my folks) and enough stories were told!!

Its was great challenge and I think we all also got to enjoyed the sailing/ paddling along the way also. Maybe not so much the cliffs part! We even had Stewart Soffe turn up and paddle the first leg to Hastings on a surfboard!

Great effort! Miles turned up and despite being on antibiotics! Great effort by Geoff and Eleanor for their challenge walking all the way from Winchelsea to meet us!

Thanks to all who turned up and making it a great day, thanks for all for looking out for each and staying in one piece! Phew it got a bit hairy.

Time on kayak: 3.5hours! - 5 hours (fast)
Time on windsurfer: 3 - 4 hours (not bad)

Thanks to W4CR charity for taking to time to support us what a great cause. We will raise money for you next year!