How to flip over a windsurf board

It happens when you're learning to windsurf, and when you wipe out and crash. Learn what to do when your windsurf board is turned upside down.

Image the following scenario: you're sailing for a couple of hours, and your confidence grows with each tack and jibe. Suddenly, the wind plays a trick on your sail, and you're catapulted into the water.

You realize you're tired, away from the shore, and your windsurfing gear is totally immersed in water. There's still work to be done - flipping the board over, and then uphauling.

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What causes wind gusts?

A wind gust is a sudden, abrupt, and brief increase in the speed and direction of the wind. The phenomenon is immediately followed by a lull.

Wind gusts have a duration of less than 20 seconds and are often caused by either turbulence due to friction, wind shear or solar heating of the ground.

They are considered gusts when the difference between the slowest and fastest wind speed is of 8.6 knots (10 mph, 16km/h).

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"Dis.Traction": an intense wave sailing experience with Marcilio Browne

What do a two-time world windsurfing champion and a Hawaiian big wave windsurfer have in common? Apparently everything.

"Dis.Traction" is a 30-minute video-on-demand adventure into the giant mountains of water they both ride and share on the island of Maui.

The action-packed documentary features Marcilio Browne and Morgan Noireaux descending the 40-foot waves of Jaws/Peahi, as they prepare for another intense wave sailing season on the PWA World Tour scene.

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