Charles Vandemeulebroucke is chasing mast-high Tahitian dreams

If you're a dedicated wave windsurfer, Tahiti will change your life. Charles Vandemeulebroucke is already living the dream at Teahupoo, Vairao and Maoti.

He was born and raised in Dunkerque, France, close to Wissant, a famous windsurfing spot. Vandemeulebroucke started windsurfing at 13 on a lake, and then to ocean waves. He moved to Tahiti five years ago. Initially, he planned to stay for a month, but he never got back to Europe.

"Living at Teahupoo, I work as physiotherapist and osteopathic practitioner and have my own business not far from here for three years. Since then, life is about not working too much, and enjoying minutes on the water," says Vandemeulebroucke, also known as Charlieboy.

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The three wind patterns of the Earth

What are the major wind systems of the world? Are there specific global wind patterns for different regions of the Earth? What is the behavior of the wind belts that travel the planet?

The wind is the result of an interaction between the sun's energy and the Earth. But our planet is not uniform - land and water are distributed unevenly.

The unequal heating of the surface of the planet, i.e., the temperature differences between the Equator and the Poles, combined with the Earth's rotation is responsible for the creation and development of six major air circulation patterns, three in each hemisphere.

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The Whipper: a light windsurfing rig for kids

A Danish industrial designer has created the world's lightest windsurfer kit.

The Whipper is a complete windsurfing set for kids between three and six years old. With top quality materials and appealing colors, it aims at getting kids confident with watersports in a fun, easy and safe way.

"I have been teaching windsurfing for many years in various clubs and centers around the world. Recently, I decided to use my passion for technology and design to solve a problem I've encountered many, many times," explains developer Mads Ring.

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