Who said politics and windsurfing don't mix?

Windsurfing was always a very popular sport in Italy. And, apparently, Italian politicians thought it was a good idea to use it as a marketing tool.

Political campaign commercials are usually dull and boring. Why? Because they all communicate vague promises and when the circus is over, you end up with nearly nothing.

However, sometimes, you get a treat; you're surprised by an unconventional way of telling you what politicians plan to do when they sit in the chair of power.

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Welcome to Wellington, the windiest city in the world

Wellington is the world's windiest city. Let's find out how windy the capital of New Zealand can be.

To put things into perspective, in the United States, any urban area with an average wind speed of more than 7 knots (12.9 km/h) is considered a windy city.

Take Chicago, for example. America's Windy City has an average wind speed of 8.9 knots (16.6 km/h). But Wellington tops that with an impressive annual mean wind speed of 11.8 knots (22 km/h).

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The history of Olympic windsurfing

In 1984, windsurfing became the youngest sport ever to be included in the Olympic Games. Since then, sailboarding has always been part of the Olympic sailing competition.

The young sailing class made its debut at the Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics with a men's only regatta.

The first ever Olympic sailboard was the Windglider, the one-design windsurf board manufactured in Europe by Fred Ostermann.

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