Köster and Daida triumph at Pozo Izquierdo

Philip Köster and Daida Moreno have taken out the 2018 Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival, at Pozo Izquierdo, in Las Palmas.

The 30th anniversary of the wave sailing event had some of the best conditions in years, with 50 knots plus of wind on several days, and plenty of swell.

Four-time PWA World Tour champion Philip Köster kicked off the season with an impressive performance whether going for huge jumps and loops or applying critical maneuvers in the wave faces.

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Windsurfer World Trophy crowns five new champions

Five new champions have been crowned at the Windsurfer World Trophy 2018, held at Circolo Surf Torbole, in Lake Garda, Italy.

The last day of competition had a long distance race early in the morning, blessed by the Pelèr wind and two classic races in the afternoon powered by the Ora.

It was the perfect end for an event that saw the great champions that made the history of windsurfing back into the water - Riccardo Giordano, Christoph Sieber, and Cesare Cantagalli were some of them.

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What are the main windsurfing disciplines?

There are many ways of enjoying windsurfing, and they all require the same equipment items: a board, a sail, a boom and a mast.

Whether you're hooked to maneuvers, waves, speed, or racing, you'll always find a discipline that will make you fulfill your dreams.

Today, there are many types of sails and plenty of windsurfing board models. Each one serves a different purpose and distinct windsurfing disciplines.

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