Norbert MARIN, ISAF Technical Officer, spent two days at The Neil Pryde factory in China inspecting masts, sails and booms for the RS:X equipment. The inspection then moved on to the Cobra factory in Thailand for five days for the inspection of the RS:X boards, fins and centreboards.

David MEAD, Production Manager Neil Pryde Windsurfing, co-ordinated the project with assistance from Bruce WYLIE and Prayat VIBOONTUN, Manager and Quality Assurance Manager respectively in Cobra’s Windsurf Business Unit.

The visit to manufacturers forms part of ISAF’s responsibility for technical control and direction of the sailing competition. The equipment is inspected in preparation for the allocation of equipment to the sailors who will compete at this year’s Olympic Games.

Four of the 11 sailing events will be contested in supplied equipment, which is provided to the athletes when they arrive at the venue, the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre. As the sails of the supplied equipment are adorned in the national colours of the competing athletes, a draw for supplied equipment was made back in April. Following on from this, the next step in the process has been the manufacture of the boards, dinghies, masts and booms.

Following on the successful visits to the manufacturers, the equipment will now be shipped to Qingdao ready for the start of the Olympic Sailing Competition, on 9 August.

The boards will now be shipped to Quingdao in a refrigerated container ensuring a constant 27 degrees within. This unprecedented precaution has been taken to avoid the interior temperature rising to a possible 60 degrees C and will esnure that hulls arrive in the state in which they departed.

Sailors competing in the remaining seven events of the Olympic Sailing Competition ship their own equipment to Qingdao. The equipment will then be inspected by the ISAF Measurement team over two Measurement periods which last from 2-7 August and 6-13 August. The Measurement Regulation and all the other documents and news related to the Olympic Games at

Source: RS:X

Finnish wave sailor Tuomo Naalisvaara (Starboard, Severne) continues to show defiance in the face of adversity and rip harder than ever, despite hailing from the cold shores of the Baltic Sea, which are known to freeze during the coldest periods of winter.

Tuomo had his chance to showcase his skills to the international audience at his first PWA event in Tiree, Scotland in 2007. Following this event, Tuomo spent the winter hard at work training in Maui, and flies to Pozo this month in preparation for the PWA Gran Canaria event.

Helping him on his crusade are four big companies that believe in Tuomo’s goal to reach the top of the sport, and have pledged their full support to make what once appeared unreachable, a reality.

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Tonix productions proudly present the story of the 2007 World Windsurfing season. Follow the best windsurfers in the world as they tour the globe’s best windsurfing spots, and fight for world titles in wave, freestyle and Slalom.

Eyewitness life threatening mast high Cape Verde swell, set alongside slalom racing in over 40 knots of wind, and jaw dropping freestyle only meters away from the beach.

The golden season for the elite world tour included the historic Cabo Verde World Cup, in addition to 10 other events, 4 brand new stops, 3 disciplines, 6 world titles and 100% wind.

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