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Pegasus Airlines Alaçati PWA World Cup

Starting the day with the second race in the men’s fleet, the 74 man first round was quickly pruned down to two ten man semi finals without major upset.

Pegasus Airlines Alaçati PWA World Cup

The biggest players in the PWA’s prestigious Slalom discipline have touched down in Alaçati, Turkey, joining forces with an impressive local racing contingent.

Audi NeilPryde Baltic Cup

About 70 windsurfers from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Russia gathered together to celebrate the final event for 2008 in Estonia and compete in Formula or Raceboard classes. Latvian Janis Preiss was declared the best windsurfer in the Baltics & Finland.

Steve Allen

European Championships in Formula Windsurfing Cup 2008 are over! Those were the last two races that decided who won. Ross Williams became the European Champion, while Steve Allen won the Cup for the fourth time in a row.

RS:X Euro Championship 2008

No racing today due to lack of wind. If anything, the conditions in Mondello have given everyone a glimpse of what the Olympic Regatta may be like. Frustrating waits; Difficult decisions for the Race Committee; and of course, Joy for the medallists.

Antoine Albeau

Antoine Albeau (FRA, Starboard) and Karin Jaggi (SUI, F2, North) are the speed windsurfing world champions 2008. After 7 rounds of speedsailing in challenging conditions, Albeau took the victory with a perfect score of 3.5 points.