Kauli Seadi

Two-time World Champion Wavesailor Kauli Seadi finally pens deals with both JP Australia and NeilPryde Sails. Seadi signed a three-year contract with both NeilPryde and sister-company JP Australia to cover the complete package of sails, rigs and boards.

In his characteristic Brazilian style, Kauli, 25, gave us a detailed and considered explanation for his decision to switch equipment brands.

'I believe in life there are certain times when you need to take chances and seek-out new opportunities. Up to this point in my career I’ve really been developing my skills as a sailor and I think I’ve proved that I can compete at the highest levels.

What excites me about working with NeilPryde and JP is the ability to push my performance even further with the development of my equipment. NeilPryde offer, an extensive R&D programme and have talented and experience design guys like Robert [Stroj] and Pieter [Bijl].

Here I can play a much bigger part in the Design Process, and work on really specific areas of equipment performance. The Pryde Design Team are able to give me exactly what I’m looking for in terms of handling and feel. It’s just really exciting to think where this could lead us in terms of product development and where it can take me in what I’m able to do out on the water.’

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Maui PWA

The PWA would like to thank everyone who wrote in opposition to the proposed bill. Due to your support Senator Clayton Hee began the meeting last Friday by stating that SB2091 was being deferred (delayed or put on hold).

According to Senator Hee, during the Senate Committee hearing, there was been "an extraordinary amount of testimony in opposition to the bill", and the Senator who submitted the legislation requested the bill be deferred so "they can work on it."

Senator Hee said he would not be hearing public testimony related to SB2091. This does not mean an end to the bill, it might be presented again, and we shall watch closely to check progress, if any.

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Loft Sails

The PWA are proud to welcome Monty Spindler’s innovative sail brand onboard as corporate sponsors. Tarifa-based Monty Spindler has worked with all the big names and big brands during a career that’s spanned more than two decades.

Along the way he’s collected a heap of world titles and gained a lifetimes experience of R&D already. And with the growth of Slalom on the PWA, The Loft have joined the club and given their commitment to the pro scene.

2007 was a positive season for The Loft with Vice World Champion Valerie Ghibaudo (Tabou / Loft) challenging Karin Jaggi (F2 / North) like never before, and there’s little doubt they’ll be pushing even harder this year.

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