Windsurf News Headlines and Top Stories

If you had to pick one event that changed the perception of professional windsurfing in the eyes of the general public, the Maui Windsurfing Grand Prix 1982 would be one of the greatest examples.
Looking after windsurfing equipment is not only a matter of saving money - it can also play a major role in water safety.
Surfers usually are dedicated defenders of their sport. So, why would they suggest you go windsurfing?
Steve Allen secured his fourth Lancelin Ocean Classic title after finishing first in the windsurfing marathon race held in Australia.
For many, Newman Darby is the original father of windsurfing - the man who opened the way to an entirely new form of sailing.
Max Rowe has been named Windsurfer of the Year 2016 by the United Kingdom Windsurfing Association (UKWA).