Windsurf News Headlines and Top Stories

It is the most difficult windsurfing maneuver of all time, and only a few sailors will be able to complete it.
Sarah-Quita Offringa has conquered her third PWA Slalom World Tour title, at Hvide Sande, in Denmark.
How should the RS:X windsurfer evolve? Should it stick to a conservative One Design concept, or should it move forward to high-tech grounds? The answer might be hidden in a low-profile video released by both RS:X class and NeilPryde.
Huig-Jan Tak has been crowned the first ever Under 23 Kona On  2016 world champion.
Wiping out riding a windsurf board with a sail attached to it is always an intimidating experience. Especially, if you're descending a giant slope at Jaws, in Maui.
Nicolas Huguet has been crowned the 2016 European Raceboard champion, at Crocodiles de l'Elorn, in Brest, France.

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