The different types of windsurfing fins

Do you know how to choose the right fin for your windsurfing board? Discover the main types of fins and the most popular fin boxes.

Windsurfing fins have several characteristics, and it's easy to get confused. They feature multiple lengths, shapes and thickness levels because they were designed for multiple purposes.

Fins convert wind force into forward motion and help keep the board on track, providing stability, lift and drag when necessary. Sailing without fins can be incredibly challenging, if not impossible.

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Antoine Albeau crowned 2017 IFCA European Slalom champion

Antoine Albeau has been crowned the 2017 IFCA European Slalom champion, at La Tranche Sur Mer, in France.

After three days of waiting, the IFCA European Championships finally got underway in 11-to-14 knots of thermal wind, and the men's fleet was able to race for the title.

"I knew I had a good speed with on my big gear. But if you have a bad start or arrive late at the first mark, it just gets hard to fight back, even if you are faster," explained Albeau.

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Michael Rossmeier releases "Tricktionary 3: Windsurfing Bible"

This is the moment all windsurfers were waiting for. The "Tricktionary 3: Windsurfing Bible" is out now, and it is gorgeous.

Windsurf books are rare these days, but sometimes we get surprised by an incredibly good title. And this is one of the best book featuring windsurfing in a long time.

Michael Rossmeier is the author of the popular Tricktionary book series. He has been windsurfing since 1993, first as a professional athlete and later as a coach, so he knows how to pour his experience into a useful guide.

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