Japanese joint-venture develops gadget that optimizes sail handling

A group of Japanese windsurfers and scientists have teamed up to develop a gadget that will track and analyze sail handling.

The Japan Windsurfing Association, Fujitsu, and Lapis Semiconductor Co are testing an Internet of Things (IoT) based device equipped with an accelerometer, gyrometer, and geomagnetic unit that can simultaneously record GPS and data across nine-axes.

Project Windsurfing Lab attaches the sensor to a windsurfing sail and transforms the sailor's behavior in the water into visual 3D models and graphs of the movements of the sail.

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Levi Siver, the world's first alpine windsurfer

Levi Siver has become the first ever person to go snow windsurfing in a mountain.

The sailor from Maui, Hawaii, went windsurfing in the snowy slopes of Rishiri, a volcanic island located off the coast of Hokkaido, in Japan.

"The concept came from an imagination of taking the windsurfing feeling out of its element and bringing it to the mountains, and significantly recreate the same sensation in the snow," reveals Levi Siver.

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Sarah-Quita Offringa wins the Ulsan PWA World Cup 2017

Despite the tricky wind conditions, the Aruban windsurfer was able to raise the women's trophy at the Ulsan PWA World Cup 2017, in Jinha Beach, South Korea.

The gods of the wind decided they wouldn't cooperate with the opening event of the PWA World Tour season. After five days of waiting, the men's event was canceled, and only the women were able to race for podium positions.

"I'm feeling more relieved that happy, actually. Jinha is a tough place because you never really know what you're going to get. Today, the wind unexpectedly picked up really strong and then kept going up and down," explained Offringa.

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