Lachlan Cramsie: the lip hitter

Lachlan Cramsie has claimed the 2014 NMD Dbah Pro, at Duranbah Beach, Australia.

The first event of the newly formed Australian Bodyboarding Association (ABA) 2014 Pro Tour was greeted at first light with clean 1-2ft waves.

Throughout the day, the swell would increase to a considerable 3-4ft, whilst maintaining the favourable southwesterly winds. The 2014 NMD Dbah Pro was held in conjunction with the Queensland Bodyboarding State Titles.

In the Open Men's division, it was Eric Roy who fiercely stole first place with a clean sweep win. Roy concluded his first round state title series campaign with a stellar 14.96pt heat total.

"I felt good going into the competition, I think going into it my heats with no expectations was what really got me through. At the end of the day, the waves were good, and it's not that often you get fun Dbah with only three other guys out," tells Roy.

Cramsie stole the NMD Dbah Pro Men's final, and Dave Winchester was crowned Drop-Knee champion.

2014 NMD Dbah Pro Results:

Pro Men
1. Lachie Cramsie
2. Joe Clarke
3. Hayato Enokido
4. Mitch Rawlins

1. Dave Winchester
2. Matt Lackey
3. Shane Griffiths
4. Gary Thatcher

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