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SurferToday picks the best surf gear in the market. Find your favorite surf watches, board bags, leashes, wetsuits, sunglasses, surfboards for beginners, traction pads, fins, surfboard racks, wax, boardshorts, bodyboards, and surf-related accessories. Explore our online buying guides:


Shop Surf Ear Plugs

Surf Ear Plugs

Protect your ears from the cold wind and water. Avoid Surfer's Ear.


Shop Inflatable SUP Boards

Inflatable SUP Boards

Get the stiffest and most durable inflatable stand-up paddleboard.


Shop Wetsuits


Stay warm. Find the most comfortable neoprene wetsuits for summer and winter.


Shop Ding Repair Kits

Ding Repair Kits

Fix a surfboard ding quick and easy. Protect your board from seawater.


Shop Sunscreens


Protect your skin from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiaton. Prevent skin cancer.


Shop Surfboard Car Racks

Surfboard Car Racks

Transport your surfboards safely on the roof of your vehicle.


Shop Sunglasses


Protect your eyes from the sun while waiting for the waves.

Shop Surf Watches

Surf Watches

Check the surf report and tides. Predict the surf for tomorrow. Track your waves.


Shop Surfboard Leashes

Surfboard Leashes

Get a high-end leg rope and stay connected to your surfboard all the time.


Shop Surf Wax

Surf Wax

Get a reliable grip for your surfboard deck. Discover the best wax blocks.


Shop Bodysurfing Fins

Bodysurfing Fins

Catch waves faster with the world's best bodysurfing swim fins.


Shop Waterproof Surf Cameras

Waterproof Surf Cameras

Film your best waves in 4K video. Take stunning 12 MP photos of your rides.


Shop Surfboard Wall Racks

Surfboard Wall Racks

Store your surfboards safely in either a horizontal or vertical position.


Shop Boardshorts


Get a pair of comfortable, lightweight, machine washable, stretchable and water repellent trunks.

Shop Surfboards for Beginners

Surfboards for Beginners

Find the best foam surfboards for your weight and learn to surf fast.


Shop Bodyboards


Find and ride the best bodyboards in the market right now.


Shop Surfboard Traction Pads

Surfboard Traction Pads

Keep your feet where they should be and never lose traction.


Shop Surfboard Travel Bags

Surfboard Travel Bags

Protect your surfboard while traveling on surf trips. Avoid unnecessary cracks and dings.


Shop GoPro Accessories

GoPro Camera Accessories

Browse the official GoPro mounts, attachments and accessories.


Shop Surfboard Bike Racks

Surfboard Bike Racks

Save gas and money by carrying your surfboard on a bike or motorcycle.


Shop Workout Equipment

Workout Equipment

Exercise your body before and after the surf. Stay fit and ready to hit all waves.

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