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The surf earplug market is a very competitive arena with multiple types of protection for every budget.
Cody Thompson has taken out the 2021 Red Bull Night Riders at Jacksonville, Florida.
Joshua Ellard Garner is a visual artist, musician, and entrepreneur. He is the heart and soul behind "One Vast Ocean," a bodyboarding movie that sets a new standard.
The original Morey Boogie was launched by Morey Boogie & Company in the 1970s from its original and iconic headquarters in Carlsbad, California.
Shooting skateboarding and skaters is never easy.
The rock to fakie is a classic and essential ramp technique/maneuver that involves three essential skills.
A new report released today reveals the extent of the sewage pollution crisis in the United Kingdom's seas and rivers.
Tarifa is a huge bay that features six miles (ten kilometers) of long sandy beaches. Discover the best kitesurfing spots in Europe's capital of wind.
Carlos Aldaravi has flown over the waters of Valdevaqueros Beach, in Tarifa, Spain, for more than a minute.
Björn Dunkerbeck added another accolade to his legendary windsurfing career by posting the fastest ever time on the water.
2020 has been a disastrous windsurfing year for me. The plan was to embark on a full-season mission on the International Windsurfing Tour (IWT), a long-time dream.
Have you ever pondered the identity of your community?

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