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Steamer Lane is one of the most iconic surf spots in California and the epicenter of the Santa Cruz surf scene since the 1930s.
Surfing is surfing. Two arms or one, you still must master all the same skills. Learn a few tricks and hints that can help you if you don't have full use of both arms.
Meet Annaëlle, a French bodyboarding wave that provides as many horrendous wipeouts as glorious rides.
It's better than nothing. Bodyboarding US announced the creation of the California Bodyboarding Tour, with three stages locked in for 2021.
Santa Cruz Skateboard is the oldest continuous skateboard company in the world. This is its story.
Skate shoes can make you a better skateboarder. Learn how to choose and buy the right skateboard footwear for your feet and riding needs.
Check the current temperature outside in your location and around the world.
Carlos Aldaravi has flown over the waters of Valdevaqueros Beach, in Tarifa, Spain, for more than a minute.
Kiteboarding is like wakeboarding with a paraglider; or windsurfing with a short board and a detached sail.
Robby Naish is probably the greatest windsurfer in the history of the sport. His career stats are absolutely impressive.
Body dragging is a classic old-school move and one of the first techniques beginners learn when getting into freestyle windsurfing.
As a skimboarder, I have recently visited Manasota Beach, a small beach located in Englewood, Florida.

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