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Surfing will feature in the Olympic Games for the second time in Paris 2024. Here's everything you need to know about the qualifying criteria and qualified surfers.
The thruster is the world's most widely used and spread surfboard fin setup. Here's how the three-fin configuration changed surfing forever.
Do you need a new deck? Are you installing a new grip tape? Learn how to measure a skateboard and understand its dimensions.
Before we go any further, I acknowledge that suicide is a sensitive topic that can have a large impact on those close to the person who has taken their own life.
It's ultra dangerous, fickle, unpredictable, and rarely breaks. Welcome to Laje do Shock, one of Brazil's heaviest slab waves.
Maui County passed an ordinance banning the sale, rental, and distribution of disposable polystyrene bodyboards.
The chumming flag was created in March 1997 from a simple question asked by a caller to "Let's Talk Hookup," a call-in fishing radio program in San Diego, California.
Pigtails are one of the most underrated kiteboarding accessories. They're extremely useful but also expensive. Learn how to make a kite pigtail.
Formula Kite is the new fast and furious Olympic class, and the acrobatic skills of the riders while moving at breathtaking speed may look out of this world, but there is a simple and fun way to get there.
The International Code of Signals (ICS) is a nautical flag signaling system comprised of a set of colored flags, each with a specific meaning, used by watercraft to communicate relevant messages.
Whether just a day trip or a six-month voyage, windsurfing involves travel for almost everybody who sails. Few can boast perfect sailing conditions in their backyard.
The 17th annual Exile Oktoberfest skimboarding competition took place at the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach, California.

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