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The sea is contemplation, joy, inspiration, and the only reason we have been given a chance to live.
Underwater surf photography could be as exciting as riding a perfect wave. Here are a few tips on how to shoot surfers from and below the surface of the ocean.
Being with Morey Boogie when they became the first company to put on bodyboard competitions, I got to meet all the emerging stars of the sport.
The International Bodyboarding Corporation (IBC) announced the decision to cancel the 2021 tour.
Amateur skateboarder, Cody French, had spent the past ten years of his life on a skateboard.
Riding a wall on your skateboard can be an intimidating thing to do. Learn how to wallride properly and safely.
Islands are magical places where human eyes can always witness the sky touch the sea. Discover the complete list of the world's islands.
My name is André Klein Martins. I have developed a PC kitesurfing game called "Kiteboarding Pro."
The Global Kitesports Association (GKA) announced the launch of an identification sticker program for kiteboarders.
Twenty-five male windsurfers and 27 female windsurfers will compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
The Greek windsurfing phenomenon returned to his sporting roots for a wild and innovative project.
Skimboarding is a highly versatile sport that can be practiced and enjoyed both in and out of the water.

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