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Steve Brown, the legendary one-arm surfer from Oregon, continues his adventures in the waves, beating the odds of surviving Stage IV lung cancer. He is living proof surfing is for life.
The tides have turned, and now 14-and-a-half-year-old surf dog Ricochet needed help catching her final wave on August 13, 2022, due to cancer and other health issues.
The inflatable stand-up paddleboard (SUP) market is highly competitive and features several apparently similar models. However, as we've learned with the iRocker All Around 10' Ultra, the secret to quality is in the details.
Shane Dorian is one of the best surfers and paddle-in big wave riders of his generation. Here's how the Hawaiian-born athlete became an all-around waterman.
I learned to surf in Portugal at the age of 35. As a person afraid of deep waters, I never thought I would be able to ride waves.
Times have changed, and technology has evolved. Remember when there was only one company providing live scoring systems for the ASP World Tour? Those days are over.