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Margo Oberg is one of the most talented and decorated professional female surfers of all time and a big wave-riding pioneer. She won four world titles (1968, 1977, 1980, and 1981).
For many, it is the best surfing video game of all time. "Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer" was released by Activision on September 16, 2002.
As the sun sets over the undulating horizon, casting a golden glow upon the ocean, the waves of technology continue to surge and crash upon the shores of our lives.
Tandem surfing is a fun and exciting way to surf with a partner. Here's how to transform wave-riding into a team sport.
It has been an atypical season of big waves in Europe, to say the least. From autumn to winter, few swells have arrived in the Old Continent.
Fistral Beach is the most popular surfing destination in the United Kingdom. It is located in Newquay, Cornwall, England, and is often named the capital of British surfing.