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Wave pools are modern marvels of technology and engineering, recreating the ocean's dynamic and rhythmic waves in a controlled environment.
The image of a swimmer or surfer effortlessly treading water often conjures feelings of tranquility, perhaps even nostalgia for the idyllic summers of youth.
Ride the linguistic wave with this thrilling, brain-tickling, and salt-soaked word search puzzle all about the thrill of surfing.
Erik Logan, CEO of the World Surf League (WSL), has addressed concerns raised by a group of surfers, including professional athlete Gabriel Medina, regarding the perceived lack of fairness in judging surf competitions.
The Neilsen family announced the passing of one of Queensland's greatest surfing legends, Rick Neilsen, aged 74.
From brisk early morning surf sessions to deep-sea explorations, wetsuits have long been the linchpin of oceanic adventures.