How to increase your chances of surviving in cold water

Learn what to do if you find yourself unexpectedly in cold water for a long time.

The UK and Irish waters are cold enough to kill, even in summer. This is why the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) released a video that teaches us how to survive in extremely low temperatures.

The average water temperature in Britain and Ireland ranges between 12 and 15°C. But there are many areas in the world where cold water is a living threat.

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Why are offshore winds good for surfing?

Surfing is the art of riding waves. But why do surfers say that offshore wind conditions bring pristine waves?

Wind creates the waves in our oceans. Without the wind, there would be no ground swells and wind swells. The sea would be a flat body of water, and surfers would have to create waves artificially.

Fortunately, the wind is always interaction with the surface of the seas to produce swells. It all starts in the open ocean, thousands of miles aways from the coastline. The wind blows across large areas, and the swell is born.

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The story of Astrodeck, the original traction pad company

"All the best surfers in the world have ridden Astrodeck at one time or another, and the only reason they leave it is because somebody pays them."

Tom Carroll, Kelly Slater, Martin Potter, Shaun Tomson, and Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew were some of the world surfing champions who adopted the traction pad when it became a popular item in the 1980s.

Herbie Fletcher, the mastermind behind Astrodeck, has never left San Clemente. He calls it home. And the story of Astrodeck starts here, in the heart of California's surfing culture.

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Are you buying a new pair of swim fins? Are you unsure about which size to choose? Search no more. Here's the most accurate online fin size chart.

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If you ever encounter Brad Domke, Jamie O'Brien, and Poopies, you know you're going to have a good time. And if they're in the water, don't go anywhere. Just watch and enjoy.

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