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Surfing, a sport deeply rooted in the harmonious embrace of nature, seemed an unlikely candidate for any association with National Socialism, the ideological machinery that powered Hitler's regime and slaughtered millions.
It's one of the most beautiful surf breaks on the planet. Meet Pavones, one of the longest left-breaking waves you'll ever witness.
Imagine you're enjoying a sunny day on the beach, and suddenly, a surfer nearby suffers a laceration from their board's fin. Blood pours out rapidly.
"Barton Lynch Pro Surfing" is the latest addition to the list of wave-riding video game titles.
Who would think Finland is home to probably the world's most ingenious wave pool technology? Meet Artwave, the human-made wave that could change the surf industry.
Bill Sharp announced the launch of the New Big Wave Challenge (NBWC), an event honoring the biggest waves and best rides of each season.