Garrett McNamara rides the longest wave of his life in Lisbon

Garrett McNamara has ridden the longest wave ever in the Tagus River, in Lisbon, Portugal.

The big wave surfer caught a wake at the Santo Amaro Dock, and finished his stunt in Belém. McNamara spent 10 minutes riding the same wave under sunny skies and surrounded by media professionals.

He used the first minute to get used to the motor-powered wave, and then let the rope go and enjoyed the knee-high wave for 2.4 miles (3.9 kilometers).

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Children with special needs go surfing in NY's Long Beach

Seventeen young patients with cerebral palsy enjoyed the pleasures of surfing in Long Beach, Long Island.

The event organized by the Adaptive Sports Academy at New York City's Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) had surfers Will and Cliff Skudin teaching the basic lessons to beginners aged from 5 to 21.

Despite the initial anxiety and fear, the patients affected by disabilities such as cerebral palsy and other body movement restrictions had fun riding the challenging waves on offer in New York's Long Beach.

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How does Bethany Hamilton surf with one arm?

To be a surfer you have to love the feeling of surfing. It takes a lot of hard work to catch waves. The learning curve for surfing can be quite steep.

If you take lessons and pick the right board shape and size, for the right wave height and speed, you are steps closer to ripping like the pros.

The paddle, the pop-up, and duck diving, all take time to master and execute effectively. Normal challenges include starting late in life or not having the money for high-performance boards.

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