Diego Cabrera claims emotional victory at Itacoatiara Pro 2017

Diego Cabrera has taken out the 2017 Itacoatiara Pro, in Brazil.

The bodyboarder from the Canary Islands defeated Portuguese powerhouse, Dino Carmo, in a rainy 30-minute final held in small surf conditions.

Cabrera built his two-wave score of 14.25 points in the first 10 minutes, and then controlled Carmo's moves. The Portuguese never found the opportunities he needed to overcome his opponent.

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Challenging rides at the 2017 Itacoatiara Pro

Round 4 of the 2017 Itacoatiara Pro has been concluded. The event now moves to the non-elimination phase.

Despite the quality waves, the competent live broadcast, and the brilliant performances out in the water, the APB World Tour struggles to share basic info with the audience on a regular basis.

There are no press releases, media alerts, and a video highlight strategy for the season. As a result, fans who live in unfavorable time zones do not know what happened and who's leading each contest.

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How to repair a bodyboard

Learn how to keep your bodyboard waterproof by sealing off the slick (bottom), the deck (top), the rails (side edges), and the nose.

Rocks, sharp corals, but also prolonged exposition to the sun may damage your board. As a result, you get a heavy non-waterproof bodyboard that won't last long.

There are different types of problems: gashes, worn-out leash anchors, rail delamination, air bubbles, and small cuts. The most common issues can be solved with a hot melt glue kit (Ragnaros 60W) or a ultra-flexible resin (Solarez Sponge-Rez).

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