Australian bodyboarding trio find heaven in Sumatra

What happens when you get the chance to ride a historical swell in one of the best surfing regions on the planet?

Limited Edition continues to produce high-octane bodyboarding videos in idyllic surf breaks. This time, the company invited three riders for a trip to Indonesia.

Joe Clarke, Chase O'Leary, and Jones Russell, alongside filmmaker Samuel Rutherford, were sent to Sumatra in July to chase one of the best and biggest best swells of the year 2018.

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How to repair cracked swim fins

Swim fins don't last forever - wear-and-tear is inevitable. However, you can always stretch their lifetime a bit by repairing the cracks that slowly appear in the rubber.

There's nothing worse than losing a fin while catching waves. Not only it put an end to your surfing session, but it may also hinder you from escaping strong currents and rips.

High-quality bodyboarding fins are traditionally made from natural gum rubber for maximum comfort and optimum thrust and performance.

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The barrel of a wave, according to Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart shared an old picture featuring personal annotations on the anatomy of a wave and the formation of the barrel in particular.

The legendary bodyboarder made it 30 years when "I thought I knew something about tube rides." The historical sketch reveals Stewart's impressions on the breaking of a wave.

Mike divides the vertical picture into two halves and draws a 90-degree angle with the horizontal axis being the horizon line, and the vertical line being the lip line.

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