Sydney Bodyboard Club Invitational set for Whale Beach

The inaugural Sydney Bodyboard Club Invitational will take place at Whale Beach, in New South Wales, on 14 or 15 October 2017.

The non-profit event designed by the Sydney Bodyboard Club (SBC) hopes to attract athletes from different clubs headquartered in Cronulla, Central Coast, Forster, Newcastle, Port Stephens, and Sydney.

The goal is that riders hang out and exchange experiences with other bodyboarders, have fun and raise money for their local clubs.

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The complete list of world bodyboarding champions

Bodyboarding is a young sport. The first world titles were awarded in the 1982 and, believe or not, American mainlanders have never won a single one.

The first ever bodyboarding competitions were held in the late 1970s, a few years after Tom Morey introduced the bodyboard to the water sports community.

However, the first stand-alone world championship was only held in 1982, at Pipeline, where Daniel "The Boogieman" Kaimi made sure to shine with a casual and stylish riding approach.

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Jeff Hubbard wins the 2017 Sandy Beach Challenge

Jeff Hubbard has taken out the 2017 Sandy Beach Challenge, in the South Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The three-time world champion returned to competition mode after witnessing the birth of his daughter Jaqueline. Hubbard proved to be hard to beat in Hawaiian waves.

"I can't lie. I was nervous after becoming a father and wasn't sure how it would be to compete again. But I had a really fun Saturday getting back to competition groove and hanging with good friends," said Jeff Hubbard.

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