Tó Cardoso: seeking shelter in Java | Photo: Nuno Dias

Portuguese bodyboarder António Cardoso visited Indonesia and, in the bag, he brought "Seek".

Tó Cardoso is one of the best European bodyboarders. At 22, he is ready to fly higher in the world stage. The rider learned everything he knows in the challenging waves of Nazaré.

And that is why a trip to Indo would only confirm how well-adapted he is to fast barrels and vertical drops. If you "Seek" the truth, watch him stealing Hollywood-esque angles from film director Nuno Dias.

"I always had a different perspective of Indonesia. When I was told about this wave and saw images, I got excited to visit the place. The waves blew my mind. I loved to be with the guys, we all had fun and is a place to come back, for sure." reveals Cardoso.

He who seeks, finds. Tó Cardoso is a two-time European Junior bodyboarding champion (2010 and 2011), and finished runner-up in the 2012 Nazare Special Edition.

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