Jaws: bodyboarders get gnarly

You can't find many bodyboarders at Maui's Jaws. But when they paddle out, it's showtime.

Alan Lamphere, Damian Boone and Miles Kauhaahaa have had their share of stoke during the Bering Sea Superstorm that hit the Hawaiian Islands in early November.

The epic swell hit Peahi perfectly. Big wave surfers enjoyed their waves, and boogie boarders waited for their custom-made made rides. In other words, vertical lines and huge air drops.

These three bodyboarding adventurers did what they were supposed to do. Lamphere, Boone and Kauhaahaa took off close to the peak, leaving their fellow surfers awed and impressed.

Miles Kauhaahaa is not new in the business. He was the first bodyboarder to ride Jaws in Drop-Knee mode. However, temptations can be severely punished in the Jaws arena. A super late take-off pays its toll, as you can confirm the video's last ride.

Jarryd Wingfield, one of the most talented bodyboarders in the United Kingdom, has taken his own life. He was battling depression.

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