Chad Jackson: backflip for perfect 10

Day one of competition was completed at an idyllic but isolated wave to the north of Yallingup, which severed up some fun and highly contestable left and right hand peaks. The small wave location lived up to its reputation and allowed for a highly enjoyable day of bodyboarding. The South West suffered through a rare day with lack of swell, as the swell charts managed to push to just one metre.

With a new experimental heat draw being trialed, competitors went into their first heat all guns blazing in an attempt to win first place and a walk through to round 4 of the competition.

Despite the long and tiresome trek into the spot, everyone on the beach was blown away by some simply amazing performances including that of in form tour event winner Dave Winchester (NSW), Chad Jackson (WA), Jake Stone (WA), Michael Novy (QLD), and Tom Rigby (QLD) who all dominated their first round heats. It seemed deep long barrels and backflips out of the end bowl would be the order of the day.

Perth's own Chad Jackson sent a shot over fellow competitor’s bows in heat number 5 with a combined heat score of 18.55 including bringing the crowd to their feet with a full rotation looping backflip over a very shallow end section.

His efforts out shadowed that of his big wave tow partner Brad Hughes who placed second behind Jackson, and sent Hughes to a round 3 meeting with WA up and comer Lewy Finnegan. In a David and Goliath battle young Finnegan toiled gallantly with a smooth display of deep barrels, classy rail to rail spins and big Air Roll Spins.

However the old head Hughes proved nothing beats experience showing the youngster the colour of his slick on a number of occasions with an aerial display which impressed everyone on the beach especially the judges.

The heat of the day came later in the afternoon when east coast young guns Joe Clarke (QLD) and Chase O'Leary (NSW) collided in a round 3 grudge match. The many spectators and young fans on the beach were not disappointed.

The pair went wave for wave each time pushing each other with longer and deeper barrel rides as well as lofty air rolls and perfectly executed backflips. Despite a very impressive perfect 10 point ride right on the buzzer when the dust settled Queenslander Clarke prevailed by a slender 0.26 points.

There is little doubt the talented Port MacQuarie youngster and this years Turbo Port Mac Pro winner Chase O'Leary will be a force to be reckoned with in coming years however his run in the 2010 EBB has come to an end.

Day one saw three rounds of the event completed with all day offshores allowing great performances right through into the afternoon. Round 4 is shaping up to be full of exciting clashes as in form competitors who have worked their way through early heats meet with the winners of round one. All eyes will be on the water at Windmills Beach South West WA first thing Saturday morning as day 2 action explodes to life.

With so many in form bodyboarders competing, the race for the 2010 EBB Pro title should be an interesting one.

The EBB Pro will look to bless competitors with the best conditions possible and with great conditions set to continue in South-West coast in the coming days

Tomorrow’s action will also include the final EBB State Series event, with WA’s best looking to secure place to the IBA Australasian National Titles in November.

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