Pipeline: Hubbard rides the perfect dream

The iconic wave peak of Pipeline will once again open the 2013 IBA World Tour season.

The International Bodyboarding Association has confirmed that the IBA Pipe Challenge will kick off the 2013 IBA World Tour, between February 16th and March 1st, 2013.

The Hawaiian island of Oahu will run the IBA Pipe Trials, at Turtle between 16th-17th February. The best trialists will join the professional crew of riders in the main event, from February 19th to March 1st.

The 2013 kick off stage will once again feature all three bodyboarding categories: Men, Women and Drop-Knee. Pipeline has been the proving ground for the sport, season after season.

Jeff Hubbard will be defending the title in home waters, as riders from the four corners of the globe will converge on the North Shore for an exciting bodyboard extravaganza.

It was the year of the first soft landing on the Moon. In 1966, "Peanuts" went surfing. And skateboarding. Or at least, they tried to ride a few waves through mind surfing.

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