Luciano Cunha: he listens to the waves

Grey skies, rain, and low temperatures were not enough to halt competition at the Rio Bodyboarding International 2013, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Despite the difficult wave conditions, Round one of the Women's division hit the water.

In what would turn out to be an all-Brazilian affair, the eight competitors advancing were Patricia Setubal, Rafaela Alves, Joselane Amorim, Marilene Fernandez, Maria Helena Tostes, Paola Simao, Fabrisia Silva, and Gabriela Gouveia.

Then, it was time for Round 1 of Men's. Riders would manage deteriorating conditions and intermittent rain squalls.

Highlights included heat winning performances by Brazilians Bruno Invyk, Gabriel Marques, Roneiris Viana, Adejaldo Silva, Diego Siqueira, Rafael Cerutti, Breno Pessanha, and Venezuelan Dan Dominguez. 

Luciano Cunha, one of the first deaf bodyboarders to ever compete in a major international bodyboarding competition, came from Trials to advance to Round 2.

How is it that the entertainment machines, filmmakers, creatives, authors, and artists, which have churned out thousands upon thousands of stories, in seemingly every genre, topic and medium imaginable hasn't yet given wakeboarding a story? No movie? No book? No graphic novel?

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