Abby: she loves bodyboarding in swimming pools

Meet Abby, the Labrador dog who loves to bodyboard in a swimming pool.

Abby was adopted from the Jersey Shore Animal Shelter by a family, and she couldn't be happier. According to her owners, the smart dog has an extensive quiver, including a Morey Boogie.

She loves to play this game and is always ready to return to the pool to retrieve the ball.

The talented Labrador rarely falls off the board into the water, and whenever possible, she takes shortcuts.

Abby doesn't need to be guided or told what to do. She has been bodyboarding in fresh water for more than two years.

The black Labrador can paddle the board around and get back to the edge of the pool using her paws.

When she doesn't find the ball - for example, when it gets trapped under the board - she stresses out. And when the boogie board is out of the pool, she pushes it into the water. Adorable.

But there's more. Guess what? She even does the downward-facing dog pose.

Abby truly is the ultimate bodyboarder dog. Check out the owner's YouTube channel for more of her videos.

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