Wave Skater Pro: different boards that work

Wave Skater Pro has launched the new 2011 set of bodyboards. Bruce Blumenfeld, the man behind this exclusive brand, is prepared to make any desired custom color combination. These bodyboards are different, but they work.

The latest units have explored the acid-colored worlds.

If you would like to resell Wave Skater Pro or market your own brand, you are able to choose any design as long as you order 100-200 boards at a time.

The new year's "FF" bodyboards have new features. Wider noses add tremendous buoyancy and stability to the front of the board.

The 50/50 rails were introduced for faster rides. Streamlined pontoon cavity, arm wells, arm cavities, and stomach cavity for comfort.

Modified "FF" bat-tail for even greater "bite" on the wave.

Two dual mini-channels on the tip of the pontoons further funnel the direction of the water under the tail for greater handling and control.

Justin Crossman is the official pro bodyboarder of the Wave Skater Pro "FF" series. There are three sizes in the 2011 lineup:

42" x 22" x 2 5/8"
- Nose width = 13"
- Widest point (22") is 17 1/2" down from the nose
- Tail width = 18"

45" x 23" x 3"
- Nose width = 14"
- Widest point (23") is 19" down from the nose
- Tail width = 19"

48" x 23 1/2" x 3 1/4"
- Nose width = 15"
- Widest point (23 1/2") is 20 1/2" down from the nose
- Tail width = 20"

Standard Colors:

Blue/Light Blue

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