Bodyboarder hits World War II relic in Hawaii

March 2, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Waimea Bay: no more World War II relics

The Hawaiian Islands were in the center of World War II. When Pearl Harbor was heavily attacked by the Japanese air forces, intense and fierce battles were fought.

The gears of war were lost, and many destroyed pieces of equipment stood at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean for decades.

Seventy years after, World Word II emerges in the beautiful beaches of Oahu's North Shore.

Today, more than 1,5 million tourists visit Hawaii every year. What they do not expect is to hit with their head in a relic of World War II while swimming.

This time, a bodyboarder was riding waves when he suddenly hit concrete and steel debris. It was the second accident with this giant piece of history.

The local authorities have already removed it from Waimea Bay. Let's hope the ghost of World Word II won't return to the waters of the Hawaiian Islands.

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