Box Beach Pro: Australian bodyboarding jewel

The best Australian bodyboarders are getting ready for the 2012 Box Beach Pro, from 6th-8th July, in Port Stephens.

The 2-Star Rebel Sport Pro Tour event offers $10,000 in prize money and is organized by the Port Stephens Bodyboard Club.

Box Beach is quickly becoming known in elite bodyboarding circles as a premier destination for the sport of bodyboarding. Fast and hollow waves promise endless barrels and huge ARS.

The sands of Shoal Bay will be blessed with arguably some of the best riders from around the country and hopefully the globe. It will be a great occasion for competitors and spectators alike.

The 2012 Box Beach Pro is the third stage of the Rebel Sport Pro Tour in the overall nine steps towards the end of the season. After Port Stephens, it's time to head for the Newcastle Pro.

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