Brian Holloway triumphs at Indian Beach Harbour

September 23, 2011 | Bodyboarding
Brian Holloway: friends and rivals

Brian Holloway has conquered the second stage of the Body Glove FBA Tour, at Indian Beach Harbour, in Florida. Holloway took the first place in the Pro division with one more point than Dan Worley.

Conditions were not the best for this bodyboarding event, but definitely contestable. Waves were in the 2-3 ft range with some onshore winds. The Jelly Fish was a big factor. All competitors had to endurance the pain of competing under those conditions.

Saturday started with a paddle out for bodyboarder Eddie Solomon. He left us for a better life and all competitors were more than happy to participate in the tribute.

The turnout was great. Competitors in all divisions were stoked to see so many bodyboarders in the same place. A new division was also offered at this event - Stand Up. These guys showed some serious skills riding waves.

In the DK division, Dan Worley took the first place. “I won the DK Division and came up just hairs away from taking the Pro. So stoked to have such a turn out”, Worley said. “I got 2nd in Pro to a longtime friend and fierce competitive rival, Brian Holloway”.

In the Junior division, Jared Gunnels took the first place. The Hawaiian just moved to Florida a few months ago and was super stoked to find a great vibe in the event. The Women's division had the presence of pro rider Luz Marie Grande, from Puerto Rico.

She is currently in the top 10, in the World Tour (IBA). James Russell came back to the competitive scene after many years of free surfing and took the first Place in the Stand Up division. The AM went to Steve Vitale in a very close Final.

1 – Brian Holloway
2 – Dan Worley
3 – Anthony Dellicarpini
4 – Steve Vitale

1 – Steve Vitale
2 – Steve Tyson
3 – Angel Garcia
4 – Alex Hillier

1 – Dan Worley
2 – Jared Gunnels
3 – Anthony Dellicarpini
4 – Joe Harris

1 – Jared Gunnels
2 – Jacob Beede
3 – Kyle Stanfield
4 – Jack Hartman

Stand Up
1 – James Russell
2 – Dave Rich
3 – Brandon Routh
4 – Anthony Dellicarpini

1 – Luz Marie Grande
2 – Diane Salopek
3 – Haley Gunnels

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