Damian King

World top bodyboarder Damian King has signed a three-year deal with Turbo Bodyboards, a company from Port Macquarie, King's hometown.

In his blog, the Australian athlete says that "what has impressed me the most about Turbo, and one of the key reasons why I am excited by the change, is Turbo is an ethical brand with good morals."

"Even at a local level, I have watched Turbo get behind our local club and show support to the younger generation and amateur competitors."

"I am a passionate person, and this now translates into the board company I ride for. These ethics are important to me and something I feel was lacking with my previous sponsor."

Damian King will work closely with shaper Glenn Taylor in order to produce a signature model in the next months.

The Australian finished the 2009 IBA World Tour in 31st place. He has won two IBA World Championships in 2004 and 2005.

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