Delaware bodyboarding champion crashes into police car

July 22, 2010 | Bodyboarding
Colin Herlihy: friendly and passionate bodyboarder and surfer

Colin R. Herlihy, a 29-year-old professional surfer, has been arrested after crashing into a Delaware State Police car.

Herlihy was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and failed to halt the vehicle at a stop sign. He then left the crash scene, only stopping a few moments after.

The seven-time Delaware State Bodyboarding Champion paid $2,800 and faces up to six months in prison and a driving license suspension.

Nevertheless, Herlihy is innocent until proven guilty.

Colin Herlihy is the founder of the Colin Herlihy School of Progressive Surfing. Also, he conquered two mid-Atlantic Bodyboarding titles and placed third in the DK Pipe World Championship in 2001.

Herlihy has many friends, and he is considered a responsible citizen and a joyful and passionate surfer.

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