Free Surf World Tour: a new rebel bodyboarding circuit?

December 9, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Free Surf World Tour: a new player in professional bodyboarding?

The Free Surf World Tour is a new planetary bodyboarding circuit started by Danny Bycroft and Liam O'Toole.

Professional bodyboarding has a new rebel tour. Danny Bycroft (former IBA and APB World Tour judge) and Liam O'Toole (former professional bodyboarder) have founded Free Surf Bodyboarding (FSB), a brand new bodyboarding organization that promises a revolution in the sport.

"In December 2014, FSB will begin a new free surf world tour which will cover all six continents with events in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Indian and Pacific oceans," Bycroft and O'Toole reveal.

"It's time to change the game, a moment to step up! Start to look at bodyboarding afresh and from a whole new perspective. It's time to put the most talented bodyboarders on earth back in the crazy raw remote wave locations where bodyboarding belongs."

The "rebels" underline that "after consultation with media stakeholders, industry representatives and bodyboarding professionals the idea for the Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour was born."

The FSB, which clearly defies the Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB), wants to debut a new competitive format, that is "highly mobile and can make the most of conditions anywhere on a continent rather than being based inside a contest structure at a single beach."

In November 2014, Alex Leon, the general manager at APB, told there will be a 2015 APB World Tour season. Under these conditions, who will crown the "official" world bodyboarding champion?

The newly-formed Free Surf World Tour wants to hold events in multiple spots including the Canary Islands, Atlantic islands, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and Hawaii, Queensland and New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Asia, Indian Ocean Islands, Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand and South Pacific islands.

With two organizations claiming to be the official bodyboarding world tour, what can we expect from the sport of bodyboarding in the 2015? Illusion or implosion?

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