Gregory Wouters: a star is born in Aruba

Aruban bodyboarder Gregory Wouters recently walked away with almost all the victories at the BIA (Bodyboarding International Association) Zuma Bodyboarding competition.

Gregory claimed first place in the Men's Amateur division, first in AA (advanced amateur division), first in AAA (Semi Pro division), first in amateur DK, second in Pro DK, but best of all, first in the Open Pro division, winning the current BIA Leader Ryley Cole.

Wouters comes home with a total of six trophies (five first places and one second place).

This is one of Gregory's best achievements so far after the Arica Chilean Challenge comp in 2009.

Gregory surprised everybody in the competition during the AA division when he scored a perfect 10; he launched the biggest ARS of the competition and combined it with spins till shore.

He was also the only one to launch two inverts during the competition. His first invert was the biggest one he launched during the AAA division, where he scored a perfect 10.

Gregory was the best competitor in the competition as he was claiming ARS' in every single heat that he was in.

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