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One of the best ways to achieve success in water sports is through coach orientation. And that is extremely valid in bodyboarding.

As we all know, a coach, an instructor, a teacher, or a personal trainer is a specialist who can support you in many ways - technically, physically, and mentally.

And, sometimes, it's all about simple advice. For example, he or she can give you the feedback that you need to hear at a given stage of your development.

Simple words of motivation and enthusiasm to go ahead with bodyboarding's fundamental exercises might be all you need to take your riding to another level.

While you are practicing on a bodyboard, a private coach will pay attention to your moves on the water.

He or she will take note of the good things and not-so-good things you did throughout the session.

Thus, he or she will help you improve your skills and techniques, the required elements to increase your bodyboarding abilities, and how you might handle this small board more efficiently.

Bodyboarders: having someone watching your moves will help you improve faster | Photo: Shutterstock

Practicing In and Out of the Water

A bodyboarding mentor can give you detailed and precious lessons and explanations of how the moves can be performed, allowing you to watch him or her perform examples in the sand and water.

In fact, the maneuvers that are practiced in the sand will help you during your in-water session.

Exercises in the sand are essential to help you understand how to position your body on the board but also to develop muscle memory.

Step-by-step, you will figure out when each maneuver should be executed in the wave. You'll understand that each trick has to be performed according to what the wave asks for.

In other words, you will understand the meaning of a lifestyle that breathes and comprehends the ocean and, eventually, embrace it.

A bodyboarding coach is a person that has the necessary know-how to improve your physical condition, your focus, your way of analyzing the ocean and will help you push your limits while riding a wave.

Understanding your behavior in the water while trying a few bodyboard moves and correcting them with positive feedback words are some of the great aspects you'll get with local private coaching.

A fully-certified private bodyboard coach can provide experience and acknowledgment on all elements that are connected with the ocean.

These aspects can be beneficial for your bodyboarding development.

Airs: an advanced bodyboarding maneuver | Photo: Shutterstock

Details, Maneuvers and Posture

Grabbing the board, aligning your body, observing and reading the waves and their key zones, watching the ocean and finding out particular or essential aspects to know about, and guiding you for the best wave selection are some of the skills a coach is prepared to show you.

With coach guidance, you will be able to have fun and, at the same time, apply the fundamental exercises required to upgrade your skills.

Bodyboard training can be fun, but some specific procedures and instructions must be coordinated and taken seriously.

For example, catching waves all by yourself can be amusing and enjoyable, but if you have a coach supervising your style on the board and how your moves are performed, you can achieve better results and improve faster.

Don't overlook the importance of being watched and the guidance of a bodyboarding expert. Remember that an experienced voice will help you decide what's best for your riding skills.

A bodyboard coach will improve your attitude toward the waves and will strengthen your "go for it" attitude and posture in the water and everything in the surroundings.

In a couple of months, your bodyboarding skills will improve exponentially, as well as your love and enjoyment of the sport.

Words by Nuno Beleza | Author and Private Bodyboarding Coach | aprenderbodyboard @

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