GoPro: capture the best bodyboarding waves using a camera mount

Mounting a GoPro SurfHero camera on a bodyboard is easy. Let's take a look at how to do it without damaging your boogie board.

The famous fisheye surf gadget can be installed on all bodyboards, with no exceptions.

All you have to do is follow a few essential steps to ensure the camera will get the best possible angles.

The best place to mount the GoPro camera on a bodyboard is the nose. But first, test the best position for your mount.

Ideally, you should install it on the top center of the board so that the camera captures your left and right-hand waves uniformly.

GoPro Bodyboard Mount Installation 101

Let's take a look at how to make a drill into your board:

  1. Center the official GoPro Bodyboard Mount as close to the top edge as possible. The further back you go with the mounting pad, the more of your board is going to appear in the photo or video;
  2. With a pen, mark where you want the plug to go in;
  3. Use your favorite screwdriver or portable drill to make two holes, making sure you start from the bottom of the bodyboard first;
  4. Punch through the board until you get to the other side;
  5. Pop the top mount, but don't push it too much just yet;
  6. Slide the mounting arrow into the mount and choose the final angle that the camera will be facing once in place;
  7. Push the mount down with the palm of your hand;
  8. Flip the board and screw the short or long base in;
  9. Finally, grab a coin and finish tightening down the bottom of the mount;
  10. Attach the GoPro HD camera safely and surf;

Although your board will have two plug holes, it is definitely worth it because you're about to get the most incredible rides of your lifetime on tape.

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Watch the video on how to mount a GoPro camera on a bodyboard. 

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