Trimming: the art of gaining speed in bodyboarding | Photo: Shutterstock

Trimming is the art of finding and riding the optimal surf line in a wave. Learn how to position your body on the board and glide across the waves effortlessly.

In bodyboarding, when you're trimming, you're generating speed. And speed will allow you to execute maneuvers on the face of the wave or throw big aerial moves.

If you drive your board too much into the crest or trough of the wave, you'll lose speed. That is why it is important to know how to draw the ideal surf lines.

Trimming starts when you catch a wave. After deciding whether to go left or right, you will direct the board towards an open wave face.

Now, here's what you got to do:

  1. Look down the line and focus on traveling as much as you can;
  2. Grab the front inside corner of the bodyboard with your inside hand;
  3. Slide your weight forward and let your outside hand grab the outside rail of the bodyboard;

Trimming 101

With your trimming posture, your leading forearm is flat on the deck of the board, and your weight should be pressing your elbow to push the inside rail into the wave.

During this period, your hips should also be touching the board to increase forward momentum. Time to accelerate:

  1. After pulling up the outside arm for a bottom turn, reduce the pressure on this side of the board;
  2. Keep your back arched, chest raised, and looking forward;
  3. Maintain a relatively high surf line at two-thirds of wave height;
  4. Keep your legs straight and out of the water;

Trimming is an essential bodyboarding skill. It will allow you to surf more parts of the wave, pull tricks easier, and ride out of the barrel at full throttle.

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