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Why do you love bodyboarding? Are there any particular reasons why one should start riding the boogie board? Read our favorite personal motivations and create your own statement.

Bodyboarding was invented by Tom Morey in 1971. Since then, the sport of riding ocean (and river) waves in the prone position has evolved dramatically and expanded throughout the world.

New tricks were added to the repertoire; bodyboarders explored new parts of the wave that were never imagined before.

The boards became lighter, more hydrodynamic, and easier to ride.

Bodyboarding is a sport for all ages, genders, nationalities, and backgrounds. Sometimes you choose it, and sometimes it conquers your heart.

Whatever impetus drives you, it certainly is strong, emotional, and long-lasting. Today, bodyboarding is a lifestyle but also an integral part of the so-called surf culture.

Bodyboarding: why do you ride a wave prone? | Photo: Nunes/Red Bull

30 Very Good Reasons to Start Bodyboarding

So, whether you're a seasoned veteran or a curious web crawler, there has to be at least one reason why you've picked the boogie board.

You bodyboard because...

  1. It brings you back to the ancient forms of surf craft wave riding;
  2. You love paipo boards;
  3. Prone riding is more exciting than stand-up surfing;
  4. You feel the speed in an exhilarating way;
  5. You gain access to unexplored areas of the wave;
  6. It allows you to make a vertical airdrop;
  7. It's better than surfing;
  8. The bodyboard is flexible, not stiff;
  9. Bodyboards are less expensive than surfboards;
  10. A bodyboard fits in the trunk of a car;
  11. You can take off deeper than surfers;
  12. You can evolve quickly;
  13. It allows you to ride prone, drop-knee, or stand-up;
  14. You can get barreled in small waves;
  15. You only need one boogie board to ride one-foot and 10-foot waves;
  16. You can surf in very shallow waters;
  17. You can take off later;
  18. You can beat the black ball;
  19. Bodyboards are easier to carry in a plane;
  20. You don't necessarily have to use wax;
  21. It's the most blissful wave riding experience;
  22. It heals your soul;
  23. It makes you a better person;
  24. It's free;
  25. It's a religion;
  26. You're proud of the bodyboarding heritage;
  27. You can ride the high tide and shore-break waves;
  28. You can throw and land giant el rollos;
  29. Sponge is softer and safer than polyurethane and polyester resin;
  30. The tribe is laid back and stands together;

What about you? Why do you bodyboard? Tell us your reasons for bodyboarding.

Have your say. Send us an email.

What about you? Why do you surf? Tell us your reasons for surfing. Have your say. Send us an email.

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