Gabriel Bello: rest in peace, friend

International Bodyboarding Association judge from Equador Gabriel Bello was murdered in Manta Beach, in Guayaquil.

The only news that we have at the moment is that he was walking on Manta Beach and was stabbed with a knife. We don't know under what circumstances.

Gabriel started judging in 2002 and soon turned into one of the most important judges in IBA Latin America.

He worked on the Arica Chilean Challenge and the Peruvian Inka Challenge.

He was also one of the biggest supporters of bringing bodyboarding events back to Ecuador. He had a bodyboarding shop named DK Bodyboard Shop.

IBA would like to extend its deepest sympathy to the family of this extraordinary man, and he will be deeply missed by all of the bodyboarding community worldwide.

This year in the ACC 2010, Gabriel Bello wrapped up the day in this video:

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