International Bodyboarding Day: celebrate the date by paddling out on November 4 | Photo: Shutterstock

Are you a passionate bodyboarder? Paddle out, meet up with fellow wave riders. The first Saturday of November marks International Bodyboarding Day. It's time to get out the back and spread the stoke.

The International Bodyboarding Day is an initiative that celebrates the sport created in the early 1970s.

The worldwide event was set up by veteran bodyboarders, vintage and current pro riders, industry professionals, weekend warriors, and the boogie boarding fraternity.

It's a day to reflect and remember the first wave you got pushed into it as a kid that got you hooked into the sport.

Share and relive that feeling by getting out and enjoying the ocean and Nature - come rain or shine, in epic or small waves.

Live, Breathe, Share, Celebrate

The International Bodyboarding Day is not about how good you are in the surf.

It's all about how much fun you have riding a boogie board in smaller or bigger waves.

"It's a day to celebrate friends, laughs, and the enjoyment you can get from bodyboarding," says Damien Alexander, one of the promoters of the International Bodyboarding Day.

It's safe, fun, and can be taken to the extreme if you have the passion for it."

Share your memories and tips, swap bodyboards, teach tricks, reveal your riding secrets, or organize a barbecue.

Paddle out in memory of a friend, relative, or idol, run a contest with local bodyboarders, or invite some friends to explore the endless world of bodyboarding.

It's also a day to honor Tom Morey's legacy.

Make sure his outstanding contributions to water sports will continue alive and healthy in the minds and souls of the bodyboarders of the world.

The International Bodyboarding Day was established in 2017.

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