Bodyboarding in Pipeline: hazards happen | Photo: Ray Collins

A breathtaking photograph of a bodyboarder ready to take on a huge Pipeline close-out has landed on National Geographic.

Photographer Ray Collins has captured the power and essence of bodyboarding in a single snapshot. The incredible photo conquered the "Extreme Photo of the Week" award at National Geographic.

"All I do is push a button. At the end of the day, the people riding the waves are the heroes. That day it was big, rogue Pipeline. Whether shooting in the water or on land, there is always something new to learn, fear, and respect", reveals Ray Collins.

"What is known is that the wave crashed-it shook the ground when it broke, and it broke directly on him. Sometimes it can make you feel a bit sick to witness these moments.

"I struggle with that, especially when I'm in the water, too, but it's my job to document it. I just want these guys to be able to go home safe, to their loved ones, at the end of the day", adds Collins.

The wave no one else rode was captured with a Nikon D4, a 200-400mm lens, and a 1.4x converter. Discover the best surf photographers in the world.

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