Irish bodyboarder saves two siblings from drowning

August 14, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Branbon Bay, Ireland: rip currents are everywhere | Photo: Red Bull

A 14-year-old bodyboarder risked his own life to save two siblings from drowning, at The Maharees, in Brandon Bay, Ireland.

Billy Cronin, a trainee lifeguard and passionate bodyboarder, rescued brother and sister from the powerful surf conditions and strong rip currents. They had been swept 300 meters away from the beach.

"I keep thinking how I wouldn't have been there for them if I had gone home on the day or decided to go out bodyboarding in a different direction," revealed Billy.

"I saw they were in trouble and I remember thinking I would regret this big-time if I turned away as I paddled over. I only realised how serious it was when I got within 15 metres of them."

Billy Cronin made sure the boy didn't pull him underwater, got him onboard, and kept his sister's head out of the water while telling them to relax.

Meanwhile, kitesurfer Tom Kennedy spotted the rescue, grabbed a bodyboard and helped everyone get back to the shore. After being reunited with their father, the family left the beach.

Cronin is a member of the Under 16 Irish bodybarding team. Learn how to avoid and survive rip currents.