Hubboards: Jeff and Dave have been shaping bodyboards in secrecy

Jeff and Dave Hubbard have teamed up to launch a new bodyboard company. The Hubboards will be available worldwide.

Hubboards is the newest bodyboard brand. This time, two well-known brothers of the bodyboarding world have created a virtuous joint venture.

The champions brand will market signature bodyboards, leashes, fins and bodyboarding accessories.

The surprise was unveiled online with the following motto: "When Evolution Becomes Revolution."

Hubboards will be greatly expected. Jeff Hubbard is a three-time world bodyboarding champion (2006,2009 and 2012). Dave Hubbard has collected several world drop-knee and US titles.

"Dave and I have been very busy setting up our new board company Hubboards," explains Jeff Hubbard.

"We are super excited to be working on and for our own brand and company and are both looking forward to following the IBA World Tour and working to promote Hubboards as we go."

The new brand by Jeff and Dave Hubbard says it will be "focused on offering the highest levels of performance equipment available worldwide."

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