Jeff Hubbard in great shape at the 2009 SCION Jenks Pro

September 6, 2009 | Bodyboarding

2009 SCION Jenks Pro

Today was a lay day for normal competition at the 2009 SCION Jenks Pro however that did not stop the action. The USBA held its Team State Challenge in which HI won in overall points, with NJ coming in second and California coming in third.

Highlights were Jeff Hubbard’s (Team Hawaii) massive air reverse and a long barrel to air roll spin by Jason Bitzer (Team NJ). Team California was not able to find the high scores they needed besides one big move by Drew Anderson, with a 9 from a big air roll spin in the dying seconds.

Tomorrow The 2009 Scion Jenks Pro will run into the Amateur quarter finals and women's finals followed by the Awards and SCION Jenks Pro after party at the Jenks Club!

More to come!

1. Team Hawaii (Jeff Hubbard, Jacob Romero, Shea Sivila, Todd Martin)
2. Team NJ (Jason Bitzer, Chris Schelegel, John Managini)
3. Team International (Beta Bitzer, Matt Whitaar, Brian Stoerh, Adam Burton)
4. Team California (Drew Andreson, Drew Erickson, Sam Kempton)
5. Team NJ 2 ( Pat Hemminway, Rob Mac, Billy Murphy)

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