Kiama Pro: riders are anxious to ride waves like these | Photo: APB

The world's best bodyboarders are about to enter a decisive phase in the 2019 APB World Tour season.

The fourth and penultimate World Grand Slam (WGS) event of the year is about to unfold in Australian waters.

The Kiama Pro has 8,000 points on offer and could potentially crown the 2019 world champion. However, the title is likely to be decided at El Frontón.

Pierre-Louis Costes leads the rankings with a narrow margin - only 340 points - over Tristan Roberts, and 1,240 points over Sammy Morretino.

So, a good result in New South Wales will boost the athletes' confidence into the last Qualifying Event Series Tour (QEST) stage, the Sintra Portugal Pro.

After last year's lack of contestable waves, Kiama Pro organizers hope favorable swells hit the region consistently.

The event could also move to Shark Island if conditions permit. But the APB staff is also running two additional side events.

Pierre-Louis Costes: en route to his third world title | Photo: APB

Legends, Tow-Outs and Wave Pools

The inaugural Heritage Series contest will see the first stars of the sport competing against each other in intense match-ups.

Pat Caldwell, Nathan Purcell, Steve McKenzie, Matt Riley, Nick Gibbs, and Michael Eppelstun are some of the riders that will ignite the crowd with their textbook tricks and maneuvers.

Finally, the APB is also repeating last year's tow out expression session. The good news is that this time, Air Asia will reward the best air moves.

Last but not least, the APB Tour revealed that it is "getting closer to a wave pool event very soon," meaning the announcement could impact the 2020 calendar.

The chosen venue will likely be Surf Lakes, given the fact that Ben Player and APB CEO, Alex Leon, have been testing and visiting the Yeppoon artificial surf lagoon regularly.

2019 APB World Tour | Top 10 Rankings

1. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA) 21,370
2. Tristan Roberts (RSA) 21,030
3. Sammy Morretino (HAW) 20,130
4. Alan Muñoz (CHI) 18,540
5. Dud Pedra (BRA) 18,260
6. Diego Cabrera (CNY) 16,340
7. Uri Valadao (BRA) 16,130
8. Lewy Finnegan (AUS) 15,750
9. George Humphreys (AUS) 14,890
10. Gabriel Braga (BRA) 14,826

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