Wave Catcher: pocket power

A new bodyboard design promises a revolution in the art of catching waves.

Simon Moore, inventor and designer from Blackburn, United Kingdom, believes he has developed an innovative bodyboard that will help you catch waves easier.

"I had been working on an underwater parachute braking system designed to help slow down ships and yachts in storms. This helped form the basis of my new invention", explains Moore in his Wave Catcher plea at Kickstarter.

"Universities and marine institutes study wave motion, and this information has helped with the design of our board. Their studies show us how waves rotate, tumbling forward toward the shore."

With its premium Ripstop pockets located on the board's bottom, you'll be pushed in the same direction of the wave with additional power.

Simon Moore says that the pockets don't stay open all the time, for example, when the board is already moving fast over the water.

The Wave Catcher is made with a premium polyethylene core, approximately 2.2 lbs per cubic foot. Are you willing to test it out?

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