Round 2 completed at the 2012 Fronton Pro

December 12, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Uri Valadao: pitted

The Round 2 of the decisive 2012 Fronton Pro has been completed in building 4-8 foot waves, in the Canary Islands.

The 2012 IBA World Tour is at stake, but so they are the qualifying spots for the upcoming 2013 season in elite bodyboarding.

Jake Stone put on a stellar performance, weaving through a long barrel and finishing his ride over the shallow right hander by launching a lofty invert into the flats.

Stone is in need of a good result in this event in order to secure a spot on the 2013 GSS. Also advancing into Round 3 is fellow Australian and last years event winner, Jason Finlay.

Other heat winners included Sacha Specker and local wildcards Nelson Mora and Dailos Rodriguez. Specker was closely followed by another local wildcard Elliot Morales found deep barrels and big inverts to finish in second place.

Heat 4 saw a clash of the titans, as three locals took on the 2012 IBA World Champion, Amaury Lavernhe. Winning the heat was local legend, Dailos Rodriguez who seemed to have a knack for finding the best waves and negotiating through incredibly deep and long barrels.

In second place, Diego Cabrera put on an impressive show of arial antics to fend of Amaury Lavernhe who narrowly avoided disaster, took off on the biggest wave of the day and barely managed to duck through the closeout.

With only seconds remaining, In a last ditch effort to clinch second place, Lavernhe launched a massive air-forward on the left, landing in the critical bowl of the wave, only to fight his way through the wight water as the crowd cheered for him from the cliff above, but in the end still falling short of the required score.

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