Sari Ohhara wins maiden APB Women's World Tour title

October 16, 2019 | Bodyboarding
Sari Ohhara: the Japanese won her first APB Women's World Tour title at El Frontón | Photo: APB

Sari Ohhara is your 2019 APB Women's World Tour champion.

The bodyboarder from Ichinomiya, Japan, clinched her first world title and simultaneously secured the second consecutive trophy for the Land of the Rising Sun.

Ohhara and 2018 APB women's world champion, Ayaka Suzuki, were battling head-to-head for the ultimate bodyboarding title at El Frontón, the last event of the season.

Both riders were defeated in their quarterfinals matchups by Isabela Sousa and Alexandra Rinder, respectively.

Sari Ohhara, who had an overall advantage over her fellow countrywoman, was defeated by an in-form Rinder and had to wait for Suzuki's performance.

Sari Ohhara: the second Japanese bodyboarder to win the APB World Tour title | Photo: APB

An Emotional Celebration

However, her direct opponent wasn't able to overcome four-time world champion, Isabela Sousa, and Ohhara celebrated her maiden APB world title.

"I can't say anything. I can't describe it. I started bodyboarding at the age of 16 and, in the past nine years, I lost many times," said Sari Ohhara.

"But this year, something happened to me, and I was able to do it. This trophy has been brought to me by all the people who were by my side - family, friends, and sponsors."

The newly crowned APB Women's World Tour champion got emotional as probably no one prior. Ohhara didn't stop crying for several minutes while being interviewed by Manny Vargas.

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