Surf Skooter is the bodyboard with handle bars

July 11, 2014 | Bodyboarding
Surf Skooter: handle bars for bigger airs and stronger carves

Surf Skooter, a bodyboard designed to fill the gap between surfing and bodyboarding, will be launched in the summer of 2015.

The idea may not be radically new, but the Surf Skooter will hit the market. Can you imagine a bodyboard with handle bars? Well, you've probably seen a couple of ones a few years ago in the hands of pros.

The Surf Skooter was "invented" in Michael and Christopher Hoskins, in 2009. Michael was a regular bodyboarder, but when he tried surfing, he found it hard to learn.

Defeated and reluctant to return to bodyboarding, the young man and his father went home, purchased materials, and created Surf Skooter. Some might say that handle bars are not "valid" in bodyboarding; others are willing to give it a go.

The Surf Skooter is available in five colors - pink, green, red, blue and yellow - and it can be yours for $119.99.

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