Terry McKenna: a passionate bodyboarding enthusiast

Terry McKenna has resigned from the International Bodyboarding Association (IBA). The iconic Australian is leaving the World Tour.

Terry McKenna is a synonym for bodyboarding.

For seven years, he stood in the front seat of professional bodyboarding with the most prestigious global competition. He traveled everywhere with the best bodyboarders in the world.

Now, McKenna leaves the IBA World Tour with critical views of what should be professional bodyboarding.

"It's just not sustainable with so many events and so little prize money. Just ask the riders themselves. I saw some great people get burned and it hurt a lot", says Terry McKenna.

"I think that one of the downfalls of getting money into the sport is that it brings out the worst in people. Money can drive people to do things that they normally wouldn't do".

"It's a shame that none of this money, not 1 cent, went to raising prize money for the guys that put on the show, the riders themselves", he added.

The passionate bodyboard contest organizer will only move from his current employer to another one.

Terry is developing the best domestic tour in the world in Australia and is working on an exciting new concept that he hopes to hatch mid-year.

"I won't be going far. I think the concept of 8-hour webcasts with 120 people battling over 10 days in mediocre surf just isn't cutting it in the action sports market."

"I will now use my contacts and experience to create something more exciting."

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