The 2009 IBA Grand Slam heads to Arica in Chile

May 25, 2009 | Bodyboarding
The 2009 IBA Grand Slam heads to Arica in Chile

The second of four IBA Grand Slam events gets underway in Chile, in late July, at the Arica Chilean Challenge.

Since 2004, Arica Chilean Challenge is part of the World Qualify Tour, demonstrating that it has to be a part of the World Super Tour.

Then in 2006 was the first time when the best of the bodyboarders of the world came to Arica and they confirmed that El Gringo is one of the best spots for bodyboarding.

This spot is located in the Alacran Island (Isla del Alacrán) in front of El Morro. One of the best news is the weather has been very nice this year, until now is warm, sunny and good wind.

Arica Chilean Challenge Winners

2004 - Ryan Hardy
2005 - Jeff Hubbard
2006 - Jeff Hubbard
2007 - Ben Player
2008 - Guilherme Tamega

It is recommendable to start exploring the country, in Arica, which is 2.062 km far from the north of Santiago and it is known as the northern entrance door of Chile, near to Peru and Bolivia, destinations and connected with the rest of the country and abroad through a maritime port, an airport and highways together with adequate transportation. Known as the "City of the never ending spring", it offers attractive beaches with agreeable warm waters.

It is the starting point to visit the altiplano and the nearby cities that are kept alive by their archeological values which features vestiges of the geoglyphs of El Lluta Valley and the Chinchorro mummies of Azapa Valley.

The Chinchorro Culture amazes with the mummification techniques for their dead people, the oldest of the world: three thousand years before the Egyptian.

The altiplano is at more than 4.500 m above sea level. It is characterized by the presence of salt deposits (salt mines), lakes, lagoons and snow-capped volcanoes which have peaks that are over 6.000 m above sea level with a diversity of flora and fauna.

There are three of the existing six flamenco species in the world.

A visit to this destination passes through Putre, a place used as a service, rest and departure center to unique national parks, such as El Lauca and as a meeting point with pre-Hispanic cultures and a magnificent landscape that mixes the desert with snowy peaks.

It is the habitat of picturesque Aimarean villages that live with llamas and alpacas.

In general, this destination offers all necessary facilities to go swimming, to do nautical sports, mountaineering, bird-watching activities, to enjoy nature and it is an ideal place for those who enjoy photography, mountain bike, trekking, hiking, horseback riding and agro-tourism, as well as to participate in photographic raids or in archeological circuits with geoglyphs, petroglyphs and pictographies.

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